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   06/08/15 8:25:07 AM

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  Morning Grain Comments by Midco. 
Big rains across most of the northern 1/3 of Missouri & Illinois yesterday evening and this morning.  Reports of close to 2 inches along I-70 to around 4 inches in the Macon/Moberly area.  Some areas in Illinois seeing that much rain as well.  The weather maps for this week show warm middle of the week but rain returning by the weekend.  We are going to have some prevent plant corn in the Northwestern part of Missouri for sure...just hope we turn the faucet off soon to get in some beans.  Missouri is woefully planted in beans and last night's system didn't help that situation.
The big commodity funds are on the short side of the market in corn, beans, and wheat....if we ever get a rally started watch out for an explosive move higher.  There has been decent old crop corn sales in the east (Indiana and Ohio) over the last week and the CIF gulf market was weaker going home Friday.  In the east...this is a "rain makes grain" type of system so what looks bad for us in Missouri is not viewed the same by the marketplace.
U.S. dollar is a little weaker this morning so that is helping grain prices this a.m.
Watch for a lot of grumbling this week out of Europe about the Greek debt situation.  Greece is trying to prolong and upstage earlier agreements and that has ECB members ticked off and about ready to tell them to hit the road out of the ECB.  This will get interesting this week.
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